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“Kato had set himself up in fine style,” recalled model/actress Brittany in an exclusive interview in March 1995. was the ultimate betrayal – and he owed her the equivalent of four months’ rent when he left! Brittany says he used to brag about living in the mansion and even used it as a pick-up line, telling girls that he was an actor who was working on some film projects with Simpson – then asked if they wanted to meet him. J., Kato was quick to turn his back on his onetime pal. by refusing to give him an airtight alibi for the murders.

“The door to his guest house opened onto a small patio next to the pool. ” The friend adds that Nicole became convinced that Kato was spying on her for O. “She believed he was trying to check out her lovers for O. “She never spoke to him again.” That was OK with Kato! In a series of bombshell audiotapes, he blabbed about how Nicole taunted O. over his waning sexual prowess and that the star grew angry the night. After Kato burst into the public’s consciousness off the back of those horrific events, Brittany accused him of coldheartedly cashing in on the deaths of Nicole and Ron Goldman.

This happened when the racing driver and Rihanna were spotted getting up close during the Kadooment Day parade in Barbados, thereby, sparking speculations that the two were dating.

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In 2003, she appeared in a romantic comedy film Love Don’t Cost a Thing.Rihanna's love life has been a subject of immense speculation in the past few months.Post her break up with Drake, it is alleged that the songstress is back with the formula one racing driver, Lewis Hamilton.Sam Smith damn near fell off the face of the planet this year -- but resurfaced in London Thursday night with some hot arm candy, Nicole Scherzinger. which wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact virtually no one's seen Sam since his April performance at Coachella. To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

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