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Yet there is a POWERFUL method that gives ANY man the ability to shape his own destiny and lifestyle.Clifford’s interest in women began as most males does, in his early teens when nature took its course and new thoughts and urges developed.Clifford ended up flying to Los Angeles to meet Ross and stayed in touch with him for a couple of years.However, he got into a relationship for two years and, as often happens when you are distracted, lost touch with Ross.This empowerment however truly is a double-edged sword.

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Most men can't even imagine that they possess this very same ability.

Hello, it worked great for me in localhost , but when i host the web api project in IIS and trying to consume the web api from another PC in the network , it tell me that i don't have permission to access to the folder.

Hi, I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now.

My short term goal is to find a girlfriend or at least women who I can have a good sex life with.

For the long term I would really like to develop my mental faculties and chi to the point where I can improve all aspects of my life and help others improve theirs.

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