Paralegals dating service

They'll file documents with federal and state courts and assist at hearings, arbitration, mediation, administrative proceedings, closings and trials.Although what a paralegal do is established by law, what she might do is highly dependent on the lawyer she works for. A paralegal's prime purpose is to free up the attorney's time so he can do those things that only lawyers can do – like appear in court.But some paralegals work their way up, starting as legal secretaries with a firm and taking on more and more responsibility as they learn the ropes and become indispensable to the firm.Question: Can I Use a Paralegal Instead of a Divorce Attorney?They might investigate the facts of a case, interview clients and witnesses, perform legal research, and draft pleadings, deposition notices, subpoenas, motions and briefs.They might handle discovery and organize and manage files, documents and exhibits.

The work product of the paralegal becomes the attorney's work product.Answer: Yes, in most states it is legal to use the services of a certified paralegal to help with the paperwork generated by the divorce process.In some states independent paralegals have been given legal right to serve as “legal document preparers.” Meaning, if you have a motion to file or petition to draw up, you are within your legal rights to hire a paralegal to do so.The career began to develop in the late 1960's when law firms and individual practitioners sought ways to improve the efficient and cost effective delivery of legal services.Utilization of paralegals in a law firm ultimately reduces the cost to the client and frees time for attorneys.

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