Hibernate many to one not updating

Hope i made myself [email protected] just now i changed the Phone type to list of string and hibernate is managing all the delete and update operations itself but when the list is user defined type. Hibernate proxies the entity so it can manage updates to the database (what fields have changed etc) for the entity's properties.

If we were to instantiate an instance of both of these objects we would be able to determine which method).

In the past we have learned about database relationships, specifically the One-to-Many as well as the Many-to-Many and One-to-One and that was all good, great and grand…

But now I want to talk about how to create those same relationships inside of Hibernate.

This is the most confusing keyword in Hibernate, at least i took quite a long time to understand it.

The “inverse” keyword is always declare in one-to-many and many-to-many relationship (many-to-one doesn’t has inverse keyword), it means which side is responsible to take care of the relationship. session.begin Transaction(); Stock stock = (Stock)session.get(Stock.class, 57); Stock Daily Record stock Daily Records = new Stock Daily Record(); stock Daily Price Open(new Float("1.2")); stock Daily Price Close(new Float("1.1")); stock Daily Price Change(new Float("10.0")); stock Daily Volume(3000000L); stock Daily Date(new Date()); stock Daily Stock(stock); Stock Daily Records().add(stock Daily Records); session.save(stock Daily Records); session.update(stock); Transaction().commit(); Hibernate: insert into mkyongdb.stock_daily_record (STOCK_ID, PRICE_OPEN, PRICE_CLOSE, PRICE_CHANGE, VOLUME, DATE) values (?

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