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The beaver pelts were shipped to Europe to meet the demand for beaver fur top hats.

(I know, I had to read that twice too) Not just pelts, the blankets were also traded for buffalo robes, pemmican, moccasins, and other trade goods.

It is enjoyed as much today as when it was first introduced into the fur trade in 1780.

Many people are led to believe that the points stood for the number of beaver pelts that were required to obtain the blanket. Points ranged from 1 to 6, increasing by halves depending upon the size and weight of the blanket.

A 4 Point required 4 pelts where as an 8 Point required 8 pelts. Each blanket was graded as to weight and size using a point system. The number of points represented the overall finished size of the blanket, not its value in terms of beaver pelts. A 4 Point is a Twin, a 6 Point is a Queen, and an 8 Point is a King Size.

These blankets are made of all sorts of materials, including cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibers, goose down, and even old clothes.

Blankets have come to serve all sorts of purposes, too.

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